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 Our  Eat ; Walk ;  Explore Tour gives you the chance to savour some of the best local foods Istanbul has to offer, while wandering the back streets around the markets of the Spice Bazaar.


Discover a side of Istanbul that only the locals know about. Discover how Turkish cuisine has developed over Istanbul’s long history as the capital of 3 different empires – right where it all began, in the heart of the Old City.


Sit down to a local market-style breakfast after sourcing our foods fresh from the market, and sip on tea the way that Turks enjoy it. Taste original Turkish Breakfast with a Simit Turkish Tea ; Menemen and Gözleme .


Feast your tastebuds on local favourites like kokoreç  and döner kebab – from the best local hole-in-the-wall restaurants that the locals are enjoying. Stop in at a generations-old lokum (Turkish Delightshop and see how the popular sweet is made.


Experience over 15 different foods during your day.


Finally, finish your tour with a traditional Anatolian-style lunch – cooked just the way it has been in central Anatolia for generations.


This is an opportunity to savour during your visit to Istanbul, and experiencing the true taste of Turkey is sure to be one of the highlights of your trip.

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